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Social Welfare Society Mughalpura

Social Welfare Society Mughalpura, Lahore owes its establishment to Ch. Miraj-ud-Din (late) and Mr. Anwer Rasheed and their companions well-known local philanthropists of their time. Filled with a profound spirit of public welfare and social uplift, they were ever been and on a look-out for some means of rendering their services to their suffering, tormented fellow beings. Dominated by this spirit and realizing the inevitability of coordinating and streamlining their efforts, they went into establishing an organization in the name of Social Welfare Society Mughalpura, Lahore on 26th January, 1956. The establishment of the organization met with a stupendous welcome and appreciation at the hands of the local people.

The provision of the best possible health, services and facilities was the first thing to attract the attention of this newly been organization. It resulted in the establishment of Society Hospital, Mughalpura, and Lahore only in an unbelievably short span of time of thirteen months. This hospital is rendering its outstanding services in the form of Society hospital, Mughalpura, Lahore.

Right from its inception, the organization always kept striving for eminence and continued its research for new horizons of excellence. Now, by the grace of Allah Almighty Social Welfare Society, Mughalpura, Lahore has attained the status of an exemplary and model welfare organization.